STNP Complex
The completed plant with the main off channel reservoir from the Colorado river. (10,000 acre site.)
The smaller pond in the foreground is the below grade emergency cooling reservoir.
South Texass Nuclear Project Complete  

The South Texas Project (STNP) just south of Bay City, TX is one the nation’s newest nuclear-powered electric generating stations.  It generates approximately 2700 megawatts of electricity supporting 2 million homes in Texas.  During the engineering and construction phase (first starting in 1975, with operations completing for unit 1 in 1988 and unit 2 in 1989) our teams overcame significant hurdles to complete the project.  The Three Mile Island incident in March of 1979 caused significant regulatory hurdles to the nuclear power field with many plants never completing; however STNP managed through these difficulties and is a plant that has had a stellar history to date. The citizens of Kerrville have benefitted from this cheap and reliable energy since KPUB has at times purchased power from CPSB in San Antonio - who owns 40% of the plant.

South Texas Nuclerar Project Construction   Mid completion phase of units 1 and 2.
South Texas Nuclear Project Concrete Pour   Ground level photo of the crane and concrete truck is of unit 1 Reactor Building.
Slip forming operations from ground level had just begun.
Note the size of the reinforcing steel (#18 - 4 inches in diameter) and the steel liner.
STNP French Group   Photo taken during a tour by the French engineering contingent. They were later to pattern the French nuclear powered electric generating station after the design of STNP which utilized a three train safety system and the Westinghouse pressurized water reactor nuclear steam supply system. (David Barker is fourth from the right.)
STNP Setting the Reactor   This photo is of Unit 1 reactor vessel being lowered into the reactor building. The vessel weighed 50 tons at this stage. Fully equipped with water and the reactor, control rods, nuclear fuel, and the top head the weight is approximately 300 tons.
STNP Control Room   Control room of Unit No. 1.